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Miami art scene Friday, January 12, 1979 • The Miami News

Amoroso works explode into lovely elegance

LlLLlAN DOBBS - Mlami News Art Writer

Peacock Painting
exhibition of Jack Amoroso's paintings and drawings quietly explodes into the vivid freshness of country flowers. the appeal of architectural forms, the elegant lines reminiscent of Picasso.

Thirty-four of Amoroso's works -- pen-and-ink drawings. acrylics, oil-stick drawings, felt-tip watercolors -- are being shown through January at the Grove Village Gallerv, 3178 Commodore Plaza.

When Amoroso moved to Coconut Grove in 1950, he discovered a colorful, bright climate, a "comfort to the body."

But he travels away from the Grove to refresh his vision. He and his wife Pat have traveled extensively in Europe and the East. Less than a year ago, they returned to the Grove from Sorrento, Italy.

And it was on a journey to Cap d'Antibes, France, more than six years ago that Amoroso experienced most fully the vital flavor of Picasso's work.

While at the Antibes, the Amorosos lived in a house on a wooded peninsula just across the water from Chateau Grimaldi, where Picasso painted. The two artists became friends, and when Picasso died, his family gave Amoroso Picasso's invitational tickets to the' Cannes Film Festival for "Picasso: Peinture du Siecle." Amoroso also was invited to the private preview of Picasso's first posthumous exhibition, which took place in Avignon, France at The Palaise des Papes (palace of the popes).

Amoroso works quickly and efficiently. A prolific and successful artist, in 1957 he was named outstanding new talent in the United States by "Art in America" magazine. Other honors are his listings in The Dictionary of International Biography (Cambridge, England) and in the International Institute of Arts and Letters (Washington and Zurich).

Amoroso's work is exhibited throughout the country and the world, and in Florida at the Norton Gallery, West Palm Beach; the Ringling Museum in Sarasota; the Jacksonville museums, and at the Lowe at the University of Miami. back to top

Amoroso Paintings Hung In Miami With Great Artists

Paintings by Jack Amoroso have been hung beside originals by Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera by interior decorators of a Miami Beach firm.

Amoroso, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Amoroso of 40 Davis street, reached a peak of sorts in his art career when three of his original Parisian prints were placed in the living room of a richly furnished Miami apartment with works of Picasso and Rivera.

The scheme of the room was part of a Miami beach decorator's attempt to display a setting for a modern apartment.

Amoroso won a silver medal for a recent exhibition of a painting entitled "Absinthe" which will go on tour throughout the country. He has recently joined the Blue Dome Professional League and will next exhibit in the Eve Tucker Gallery of Miami Beach.

Amoroso plans to return to Massachusetts this summer to manage Peter Hunt's art store in Orleans on Cape Cod. Hunt, nationally known interior decorator and furniture "re-vitalizer", sold Amoroso's paintings in the Cape shop last summer; when Jack was doing his vivid water colors at Eastham. back to top

THE MIAMI HERALD Sunday, May 14, 1995


MEG LAUGHLIN - Tropic StaffArtist at work in his studio

Jack Amoroso's exhibition just closed at Adamar Fine Arts, a gallery in the Design District. Artist Gene Massin came to opening night. So did some of the other old Grovites from the golden era of hipness. They toasted champagne, told the old stories and posed for pictures. Gallery owner Tamar Erdberg was amazed: "Most of us didn't even know that art existed here 40 years ago."

When Jack Amoroso moved to Coconut Grove in the mid-'50s, it was the "happening" place to be. At a time when Miami Beach was vodka gimlets, Frankie Avalon and slow dancing at the big hotels, you could go to the Grove and be hip: drink wine, listen to jazz and talk art. And Amoroso and his pals, Gene Massin and Tony Scornavacca did just that -- almost every day.

...Tony Scornavacca was known for his line -- both verbal and in his painting. When he talked and when he drew, it came out of him with bravado and humor, as if a false move were impossible. Gene Massin was the people person. He painted what he lived: cocktail parties, concert intermissions -- the air between faces, what was said and not said. His trademark was human relationships. Jack Amoroso was the gentlest of the three. His work was marked by exuberant, startling color -- "something to make you feel good," he would tell people at the Grove co-op where the three sold their work in the '60s.

..."Jack is doing his best work now," Massin said at Amoroso's recent show.

Scornavacca is dead. Massin shows his art at his house, but no longer at galleries. Only Amoroso, 65, is still hard at it, painting for shows -- depending on galleries and dealers to sell. His latest paintings -- which go for $4,000 to $10,000 a canvas -- are mostly of shuttered windows, doors, and beaches in the south of France and the Grove. They're about color and light: Bright and dazzling. Overcast and hazy. They have the feel of summer off. They make you want to linger -- to nap and write letters, to lift your face to the sun. Just as Amoroso has always intended, they make you feel good.

...Amoroso and Massin still work every day. Massin is sculpting metal and painting. Amoroso is working with pencils, markers and water colors -- "something light to rest my mind before I get into the big pieces again." The paintings from his recent show are selling. Life is good. back to top


Amoroso's Prize Painting To Be Shown At World's Fair

A painting titled "Exploration", recentiy awarded a cash prize by Art In America magazine and chosen for exhibition at the New York World's Fair, is the work of Jack Amoroso of Miami who formerly lived here and graduated at Mansfield High School.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Amoroso of North Eastham, formerly of Davis street.

A native of Boston, Amoroso, 33, studied at the School of Practical Arts and the Lacedra School ot Fine Arts in Boston.

He won fIrst prize and award for best overall in the Florida Federation of Art in 1954, first prize in 1952, 1953, 1954 in the Florida Federation of Art, honorable mention, Blue Dome Fellowship, 1953-1954-1955; award of merit, Blue Dome, 1955; honorable mention, annual American Art League Show in 1952; first prize, Miami Art League, 1952-1953; honorable mention, Joe & Emily Lowe Gallery, 1952; first prize, Joe & Emily Lowe Gallery, 1954

Amoroso has been director of several art galleries in Florida since he located there in 1952.

His Paintings have been shown in scores of galleries and exhibits from Havana, Cuba, to Provincetown on Cape Cod, including several southern states and in Washington, D.C., New York City and Boston. back to top

The Village Voice, Jan. 20, 1967

The Shy Spy / Super Snooper

....Something else has been added at FERRARA JEWELERS....a collection of paintings all having been built around a theme of Jazz by widely acclaimed artist Jack Amoroso. Amoroso has exhibited in many famous galleries and has been proclaimed a modern genius. Stop in and browse the collection which includes a portrait of Jackie Gleason as well as the King...Sinatra. back to top

Jack Amoroso Murals To Be on Queen E II

Jack Amoroso is hard at work on what will become a mural to be placed on the Queen Elizabeth II when she starts her Western Hemisphere cruises this Fall.

The son of Louis Amoroso, known to everyone in Eastham as the custodian of Town Hall, he has been a professional artist most of his life: but this contract, to decorate the QE II is the most recent of a long list of solid successes in his field.

The Mural is to be about the Thames, with barges, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben (and the house of Parliament), Victoria Tower and Waterloo Bridge all highlighted in the work.

Jack Amoroso will work in acrylic paint on canvas, and at some point in the next week or so, people from the ship will pick it up and transfer it to its permanent location. The artist was one of many who submitted rough sketches of how the work might be done.

A resident of Coconut Grove (Miami) in Florida, Jack Amoroso studied at the School of Practical Arts and at Lacedra School in Boston, and has exhibited in the Carnegie Institute, Corcoran Gallery, and a host of other places including Provincetown Art Association, and even , at the beginning, on the Eastham Windmill Mall, where he was one of those responsible for launching the Eastham outdoor exhibits. back to top


One Man Show Opens Lowe

First fall exhibit at the Lowe GaIlery is a one-man show by Jack Amoroso, Miami artist which opened Wednesday.

Amoroso will show more than 50 of his watercolors as a prize for winning last year's members' exhibition. In 1952 he won honorable mention in Lowe Gallery's members' exhibition. He won first prize and the award for the best overall painting in the Florida Federation of Art exhibit in 1954.

Amoroso received first prize in the 1953 and 1954 Blue Dome competitions; first prize in the 1952 Florida Federation of Art exhibit; and an award of merit in the 1955 Blue Dome show.

A native of Boston, Amoroso studied at the La Cedra School of Fine Art and the School of Practical Art. Both schools are in Boston.

His technique differs from the usual watercolor methods. He combines a plastic compound with watercolor which gives an oil-like quality to his paintings.

Amoroso, Florida resident for six years, owns the Studio Craft Shop in Coconut Grove. Lowe's permanent collection will also be on exhibit.

The gallery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, open 10 am. to 4 pm. Wednesday through Saturday and 2 to 5 pm. on Sunday.

The fourth annual members' exhibition is scheduled to open on Sunday, Dec. 11, with all entries due at the gallery not later than Nov. 28. A major event will be the Gauguin Exhibition Scheduled for March.

Admission is free and the Gallery is open to the public. back to top

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